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Benito Mussolini

July 1, 2010 0 Comments

Mussolini is notorious for his war crimes as a Fascist dictator during World War II. As a young man, he openly declared his atheism and in his early career as a politician, was openly anti-clerical. He was the Italian leader of the National Fascist Party, became Prime Minister in 1922 and was eventually a dictator who severely restricted freedom of speech. Mussolini supported Hitler’s conquest of Austria. In 1935, he invaded Ethiopia using poison gas, bombing Red Cross hospitals and concentration camps to kill civilians and destroy “inferior” cultures. He ordered the execution of prisoners without trial and the shooting of “witch-doctors”. Italian troops used public executions, hostage taking and burning of villages to crush the Slavic population of Yugoslavia. These acts are now widely considered an attempt at genocide. However, later he tried to associate Fascism with Catholicism in order to garner dwindling support, however his widow made it clear that he was still staunchly atheist. Mussolini was also deeply anti-Semitic.

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